How We Work

Your security is our priority. We do not give out quotes and prices before understanding your needs and concerns. A site survey enables us to understand your premises better and we will be able to provide you with a solution that is cost-effective and meets your budget.

Simply call us, email us or fill up that contact form to book a site-survey.


Asking for quotation

Industry Standard: If you need a quotation for CCTV all you need to do is call them, tell them what you need and they will send the quotation to your email.  This might result in unnecessary add-ons that can lead to over quote in their proposal.

Working with UltraHDCCTV: At UltraHDCCTV, we wanted to ensure that we won’t over quote you on the price that we are going to provide to you. Once you call us for a quotation, we are going to set-up an appointment for on-site consultation, after the consultation that is the only time that we are going to send you the quotation. The result, our price will be based on what you only need.

The Consultation

Industry Standard: For them, the most important is close the deal and propose you even unnecessary stuffs to be installed to your place to meet their quota.

Working with Ultra-HDCCTV: At Ultra-HDCCTV, we have our trained and professional consultant. It is our practice to quote you based on what you only need and promises you the provide you the most cost-effective solution to your system.

Discussing project

Cleanliness During the Installation Process

Industry Standard: During the installation, their team will go to your place and upon arrival, they will anyhow install the system without minding the cleanliness of the surrounding. Once they leave, they will leave your place with a lot of debris/dirt.

Working with UltimoHD: At Ultra- HDCCTV, cleanliness is very important. Before our team does the installation. We are going to cover your things and we have our Ultra-HDCCTV Mat to ensure that all the stuff of our installer will not go beyond the mat.


Industry Standard: Most of the companies don’t care about the privacy of their customer/clients. They sometimes share some of the most important information to their customer.

Working with Ultra-HDCCTV: All of our staffs signed a disclosure agreement that any information that they gather from our customer/clients, we keep it as confidential. Also, We are going to let our customer sign an agreement as an assurance that we are not going to share any confidential information about them.

turtle meet helmet

Installation Speed

Industry Standard: Every time they do the adjustment for the camera, their team need to go up and down the ladder to see if the viewing angle of the camera is good enough and in order for you to show if that is the angle you want, they need to connect it to their computer. This is very time-consuming.

Working with Ultra-HDCCTV: We are using one of the most advanced gadgets in the CCTV industry, the CCTV tester. This will save a lot of time. All we need to do is connect the tester to the camera and you can easily see the angle of the camera on the screen of the CCTV tester.

Aftersales support

Industry Standard: Most of them after closing the deal they don’t mind on your concern or sometimes after getting the payment. It will very hard to call them and sometimes they cannot address your concern properly.

Working with Ultra-HDCCTV: All of our clients are valuable to us. We have our professional in-house trained and professional aftersales team to ensure that all your concern will be answered.


Asset Management

Industry Standard: They will extract the information of your system by checking with the sales team then the sales team will check their record if they don’t have they will check with their billing department.

Working with Ultra-HDCCTV: With the help of Asset Management connecting with our aftersales or sales team will be just a click away. All you need to do is scan the barcode that we pasted in your system, scan it and all the important information for your system will be there. This information will be sent immediately to the respective team to address your problem easily.

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